An interview with everyday riders, 'Backroad Built', three mates from Brisbane | Johnny Reb Herald #009

For this month's edition of the Johnny Reb Herald, it was our pleasure to interview 'Backroad Built' three mates from Brisbane, who have a mutual love for motorcycles, camping, cold beers & capturing it all while they are at it!! They document it all with incredible photography & video over on their Instagram page @backroad.built, so be sure to check it out & give it a follow!

Who is @backroad.built?

Craig: Backroad Built is three long time friends from Brisbane, Queensland. 

How did @backroad.built first start?
Kell: A mutual love for motorcycles camping and cold beers.

Backroad Built

Tell us a bit about the members of @backroad.built
Craig: Ben is our main camera wizard the man behind the lense with the golden heart, Kell is the artistic one coming up with all the little bits and pieces you see on the page, and I am the annoying one always pressing the others to go riding!

What motivated you guys to start your Instagram page?
Kell: Just a place to share the good times.
Craig: I agree, started as a place to share the good times and the response has been great.
When did you guys start riding motorcycles and what made you start riding?
Kell: We have all been riding in some way or another since we were kids. 
Craig: Seeing a crusty demons video for the first time as a kid, I was in awe, Seth Enslow the hard way video also made a huge impression on me as a kid! Got a dirt bike at 13 never looked back. 
What do you guys all do when you’re not riding?
Kell: Dream about riding 
Craig: Plan our next trip, talk about riding, work on our bikes haha. 

What bikes do you ride now? What bike is your favourite to ride?
Kell: A 1978 Honda Cx500. A shaft driven, transverse v-twin. She handles like a fridge and about as fast as one too. 
Craig: I have a 1984 Kawasaki GT550, An in-line 4, hates a cold start but holds a special place in my heart.
What were your first bikes?
Kell: My first bike was a 1983 Honda GB250 clubman. A six speed thumper producing 30hp. Not to shabby for a 249cc air cooled engine.
Craig: A Yamaha TTR 125 I think it was! Lots of fun and lots of tumbles.
Where are your favourite places to ride?
Kell: Anywhere a 1978 Honda Probably shouldn’t 
Craig: Anywhere really as long as I have my friends along for the ride.

Waratah Protective Shirt
Wearing the Waratah Protective Shirt

Tell us your favourite riding stories or fondest riding memories?
Kell: Too many to pick a specific one. I will however say Mountain view road in Ocean View isn’t the quiet scenic Sunday ride it sounds like.
Craig: Riding dirt bikes in the glasshouse mountains with my dad as a kid.
Who do you enjoy riding with?
Craig: All the Backroad Built crew.
 Glenbrook Protective Jacket
Wearing the Glenbrook Protective Denim Jacket In Ink

Name one dream place you’d love to ride that you haven’t been yet?

Kell: I’d love to photograph and capture a moto camping tour across the outback. 
Craig: I’d love to do a motorcycle trip in Japan and document it with my friends. 
Why do you ride motorcycles?
Craig: For me going for a ride and having to be present and focused on the motorcycle, listening to the engine, focusing on the road, is the best way to clear your mind. 
What do you guys generally wear when riding? And When did you first hear of Johnny Reb?
Craig: Currently wearing a lot of the Johnny Reb range, I like to be fully geared but with a more casual look and that’s what I found in the Reb range, I first heard of Reb through my dad as he wore the classic Reb boots. 
Kell: Big fan of the Glenbrook Jacket and the Reb protective denim jeans, super comfy. 

Glenbrook Protective JacketWearing the Glenbrook Protective Denim Jacket in Blue

If you could go on a road trip with any 3 people in the world, (dead or alive) who would they be and why?
Craig: Can I squeeze the Backroad Built crew into one? Haha, Charley Boorman from long way round cause he would be a good laugh, and my dad he would be the official roadside mechanic.
Name your favourite band or song.
Craig: Black Sabbath, listen to Volume 4!
Name your favourite place to stop and eat on a ride.
Kell: Shout out to 2m8’s BBQ in Kalbar QLD. 
Anything else you’d like to add!
We have some big things coming up and some awesome trips planned so be sure to check out our Instagram @backroad.built here 

Backroad Built

Backroad Built

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