Last Sunday (March 19) was the big Black Dog Ride National 1-Dayer. We partnered with JR Ambassador & local legend Rob Charlwood @throttledownunder who rode in the event and documented the whole day for us!
The weather really turned it up, and even though it was a scorcher of a day (40 degrees!), he stuck it out, like so many others and did the big ride up in Penrith.So we wanted to say a big thank you to Rob, all of the riders that participated on the day & of course all of our Johnny Reb customers for sharing, watching & shopping in the fundraiser that we held.
As promised, we gave our customers 10% off & said we would donate 10% of those sales to the Black Dog Ride Charity. We appreciate everyone who took part in this year’s event as it is a charity that is dear to our hearts, and important to our riding community!

Click here to check out Rob's adventures of the day over on his Youtube channel!

Black Dog Ride

Rob's Black Dog Ride

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