Introducing our first JR Ambassador: Rob Charlwood

As some of you may already know, we recently launched our official Johnny Reb Ambassador program, we’ve signed up a few of our favourite Aussie riders and recently we even put the call out to YOU guys.

We have had an overwhelming response, so don’t sweat it if you haven’t heard back yet. We are currently going through all of the applications, and we promise we will get back to everyone so just hang tight! In the meantime, we wanted to introduce you to our first official ambassador...

Meet Rob Charlwood! The man behind Youtube channel 'Throttle Downunder'. 

'Throttle Downunder' encompasses everything with a Throttle. Cars, Motorcycles and Boats. A YouTube channel sharing information, knowledge, adventure and entertainment!

We interviewed Rob and asked him a few of our burning questions when getting to know an Aussie rider! If you haven’t been to Rob’s Youtube channel ‘Throttle Downunder’ before, click here to check out all of his moto adventures.

Rob Wears Johnny Reb:
- Hume Protective Hoodie
- Burke Open Face Helmet
- Derwent Leather Gloves

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
A: I'm a Sydney based rider, spent the last 28 years working on Sydney Harbour as a Skipper on ferries and workboats and I'm SOOO ready to get out of Sydney for a quiet life :)

Q: When did you start riding motorcycles and what made you start riding?
A: I started riding dirt bikes when I was 14 with mates, and my first road legal bike I got at 18 when I was an apprentice.

Q: What made you start your Youtube channel?
A: It all started as a car channel, filming MX-5 club drives, then evolved Into car reviews, then Penrith Kawasaki reached out to do some Bike reviews…………..this Is where the addiction started. From my channel, I've had to opportunity to drive Super cars and some of the nicest motorcycles I'd never have thought about owning, but mostly, I have had the opportunity to meet the most amazing peolple on this journey. That's the greatest reward ever.

Q: What did you do before you were a Moto Vlogger?
A: As In Q.1, 28 years as a Skipper on Sydney harbour, also owned a gym for a number of years, however the love for food took over again and a Chubby Personal trainer Isn't Ideal haha

Q: What bike do you ride now? What bike is your favourite to ride? 
A: My current ride is a 2019 Harley Street Glide Special Stage II that I picked up from Harley Canberra as as Ex Demo and absolutley love it. My favourite bike I've ridden is the Kawasaki Z900RS.

Q: What was your first ever bike?
A: Yamaha TY175 trials bike I bought from a mate when I was 15.

Q: Where is your favourite place to ride?
A: I really love the Southern Highlands, Macquarie Pass, Jamberoo, Kangaroo Valley.

Q: Tell us your favorite riding story or fondest riding memory?
A: Actually It was only recently, I took a group of friends (Other motovloggers) down through the Nasho to Macquarie Pass, as we gained altitude on the Pass there was a light rain and a heavy misty fog, there was something very surreal and beautiful up there that day, the smell of clean rain In the forest was amazing.

Q: Who do you enjoy riding with?
A: I love solo riding as much as I do with groups. However with groups It's Important to all be on the same page, and the crew I ride with at the moment are perfect. A great variety of bikes, but the same love for riding. 

Q: Name one dream place you’d love to ride that you haven’t been yet?
A: Definitely Route 66 In the USA, I'd love to do It on a Harley but It'll be more likely to happen In a Mustang or Camaro these days for me.

Q: Why do you ride motorcycles?
A: Mental Health and Happiness

Q: What do you wear when riding? When did you first hear of Johnny Reb?
A: I'm an "All the Gear, all the time" sort of fella. Quality Riding Pants, Jacket, Gloves and Helmet. I love my Johnny Reb Burke Open Face Helmet If I'm not hitting the highway, but long trips It's always Full Face for me. Also love the JR Hume Protective Hoodie. I currently ride In old work boots, so I think the next step Is some JR Brown Classic Short Boots. I heard about Johnny Reb 30 odd years ago when they were one of the only Moto Boots makers here In OZ.

Q: If you could go on a road trip with any 3 people in the world, who would they be and why?
A: Jason Momoa as he Is cool AF, and a mad Harley fan too. Matt Moran (Aussie Chef) he loves riding too, being a Ducati fan and a Harley Owner, and would feed us very well on a trip haha. Barry Sheen, I think he would've been an amazing bloke to spend time with.

Q: Name your favourite band or song.
A: Music choices are extremely ecclectic. From Aussie Rock to Folk and Reggae. I love pumping Bob Marley on a long Highway Ride, Goanna or Cold Chisel, and to wind down and chill an Aussie called JAY HOAD and Xavier Rudd.

Q: Name your favourite place to stop and eat on a ride.
A: There are many amazing food locations for riders In NSW, I'm keen to visit all of them, but my favourite for the food and the people Is SCHMOKIN In Berrima In the Southern Highlands.

Rob 2Rob is wearing the Johnny Reb Distressed Logo Tee.

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Rob is a fantastic ambassador for your company. One of the best people I know with a heart of gold. Great interview.

Chewie February 08, 2022

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