An interview with Angry Anderson | Johnny Reb Herald #002

For the second edition of the 'Johnny Reb Herald', we interviewed Aussie rock legend, Angry Anderson. Angry has been riding motorcycles for years, so we asked him a few questions about riding & some of his fondest riding memories. Angry Anderson & his bike

When did you start riding motorcycles and what made you start riding? My first recollection of riding a motorcycle, was under the age of six with my Uncle Ivan, who is responsible for a few of my bad habits. He was the musician in the family and played drums and the youngest of the Anderson boys.  He rode a motorcycle with a side car and carried his drums in the sidecar.. He had another motorcycle he used to ride with friends, because a few of his friends had motorcycles and, it was a reasonably cheap way to travel back in those days. I was around 5 or 6 seated in front of him on the petrol tank of the bike. The movie that changed my life was Marlon Brando in the ‘Wild One’. His role in the ‘Wild One’ convinced that if I was going to be anyone it would be Marlon Brandon.  When I got out of school, I worked for two years and saved enough money to buy a motorcycle – it was a 1960 model Triumph Thunderbird 650 cc capacity and I rode this bike for the next 3 or 4 years.  I became one of the first 12 members of a motorcycle club called the Vigilantes.  Around that time I had to make a decision between riding motorcycles or music.  So I chose music.  I took up riding again about 12 or so years ago, for the first 3 or 4 of these years I was sponsored by Fraser Motorcycles and chose to ride an 883 Sportster.  My last year as a sponsored ambassador for Frasers I was given a 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom CA and when my ambassadorship ended I decided to buy that bike.   It is a slightly modified one which, I ride to this day.

What bike do you ride now? 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom CA 

What was your first bike? 1960 Model Triumph Thunderbird 650 cc 

Where is your favorite place to ride? I love long highway rides best but riding through rural Australia and seeing the natural beauty of our beautiful country brings me great pleasure but my favorite place to ride is the highway, love stopping along the way wherever and whenever I feel like it.

Tell us your favorite riding story or fondest riding memory? I think the first time that I did Sydney to Melbourne return was particularly good.  Then the following year was Sydney to Alice Springs on the Black Dog Ride.  It was an endurance ride and an amazing trip because of the scenery.

Who do you enjoy riding with? My best riding mates and my club The Veterans, I am the patron of the NSW chapter Veterans.

Name one dream place you’d love to ride that you haven’t been? Tasmania or New Zealand.

Why do you ride motorcycles? I still ride motorcycles because the initial thrill is still there.

Angry Anderson wears Johnny Reb

What do you wear when riding? When did you first hear of Johnny Reb? Some of my favorite riding clothing is Johnny Reb, their boots, as far as their boots go, truly are the best, you’ll wear out your bike before you wear out a pair, mine are the long biker boot in brown and they are second to none, surprisingly comfortable on the first day.  In cold weather a Johnny Reb thermal under jacket and vest keeps me warm.

Lightning Ridge Vest35 Year Anniversary TeeMen's Classic Long Boots

When you are not on stage, what does your perfect day consist of? If I’m not riding, then shooting, fishing, camping or beers and bourbon and a BBQ at home.

If you could go on a road trip with any 3 people in the world, who would they be and why?
1. Keanu Reeves – Because he rides and builds custom motorcycles.
2. The Machine Gun Preacher – Sam Childers – Because he is a true biker.  I’ve met him and he is a lovely man.
3. Mickey Rourke – Because he rides motorcycles and I imagine is a cool bloke and a good laugh.


Another interesting read. Keep these interviews coming.

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